Вышел VMware Data Recovery 1.0.1 для vSphere

Компания VMware обновила средство VMware Data Recovery для резервного копирования виртуальных машин на VMware ESX 4 до версии 1.0.1. Из release notes:

  • Large Temporary Files Removed as Expected. Data Recovery modifies virtual machines’ vmdk files’ settings so a snapshot can be created for backup purposes. In the past, after the backup has been created, the vmdk file’s settings was sometimes left configured for snapshots even after the backup was complete. This led to these virtual machines being left in snapshot mode while accumulating snapshots that were undetected by vSphere Client. This process has been redesigned so that these temporary files are no longer be left behind. In previous versions of Data Recovery, this issue can be resolved by following the process described in the knowledge base article titled “Delete ddb.delete entries and snapshots left behind by Vmware Data Recovery”.
  • Backups Can Be Completed While Integrity Checks Are Running. Data Recovery can complete backup operations at the same time that an integrity check is running. In the past, when an integrity check was running, backups could not be completed.
  • Improved Integrity Check Backup Speed. Integrity check has been optimized for faster performance. In the past, comparable integrity checks took longer to complete.
  • Improved VMotion Licensing Support. Virtual machines can be moved between hosts using VMotion without producing licensing issues. In the past, if a virtual machine was moved between hosts using VMotion, licensing checks sometimes produced errors.
  • Reduced Data Recovery Backup Appliance Shutdown Time. The Data Recovery Backup appliance now shuts down more quickly than it did before. In the past, the appliance often took 15 minutes to shutdown.
  • Improved Support for Different Time Zones. In the past, Data Recovery did not consistently handle time zones with positive offsets relative to GMT. For example, Data Recovery could encounter issues with data associated with the Paris time zone, which has an offset of +1, whereas data associated with the New York time zone, which has an offset of -5 was handled as expected. These issues no longer occur.
  • Data Recovery Supported with Essentials Plus Licenses. Data Recovery is included in Essentials Plus licenses. In the past, using Data Recovery with Essentials Plus licenses failed. Backup jobs created with Essentials Plus licenses failed with the error, License not available to perform operation. Feature hotplug not licensed....
  • Integrity Check Optimized to Run During Idle Times. Before running regularly scheduled integrity checks, the Backup Appliance determines if the current time is during a backup window. If the current time is not during a backup window, the integrity check runs. If the current time is during a backup window, the backup appliance checks the backup schedule to determine if there will be a time in the next 24 hours that will not be during a backup window. If there is a time in the next 24 hours that is not during a backup window, the Backup Appliance waits for that time. If there is no time that is not during a backup window in the next 24 hours, the Backup Appliance completes the integrity check.

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